Delinquent Tax Collection

Our Mission

Step One: Collect your delinquent real estate and personal property taxes

    Our process allows owners to set up affordable payment plans to pay their delinquencies in a suitable amount of time. We are not in the practice of putting residents out on the street, but rather building a bridge of communication between delinquent taxpayers and treasurer’s office.  In the event of a bankruptcy filing, I will file a proof of claim on behalf of the jurisdiction and follow the matter through the bankruptcy court.

Step Two: Build your Community

    Our process puts money back into the community.  These funds can be used to provide the local schools with new text books, repair roads and complete community projects.  As your accounts receivable decline, your community grows.

Step Three: Continue Collecting

    We will not leave you after your collections dwindle.  Whether we received 1,000 collectibles from you or 5, you are our priority.  Our job is not complete with the first round of collections.  We continue to monitor and collect as the years progress.  You can be assured that we are only a phone call away.   

I Proudly represent the following communities:

Greensville County
City of Emporia
City of Franklin
City of Portsmouth
Town of Branchville
Town of Cape Charles
Town of Ivor
Town of Waverly
Town of West Point
Town of Windsor