Auction November 6, 2020 at 11:30 a.m.

City of Emporia City Council Chambers
201 S. Main Street, Emporia, VA 23847


527 Gowin Street, Emporia, VA

Assessed Owner: William & Annie Gibbs
Tax Map No.: 124 9 BK Z
Photo below

116 W. End Blvd., Emporia, VA

Assessed Owner: Shelia Andrews, et al.
Tax Map No.: 142 6 23,23A,25
Photo below


411 Gowin Street, Emporia, VA

Assessed Owner: Thomas Edwards, Jr.
Tax Map No.: 124 A 5 57
Photos below

748 Meade Street, Emporia, VA

Assessed Owner:

David Seaborn

Tax Map No.: 124 4 0 2D

Photos below


2018 Halifax Street, Emporia, VA

Assessed Owner:

The Estate of Eva Smith

Marcus Smith

Tax Map No.: 103 4 BK D 34

Photos below

The terms of sale shall be cash, or alternatively, a down payment of not less than 20% of the successful bid price in cash or certified check at time of sale, payable to the Jason A. Dunn, PLC.  The balance is due in ten days, also by cash or certified check.

The said real estate shall be sold, pursuant to Va. Code §58.1-3965, et seq., free of all claims of any creditor, person or entity as provided therein, except current quarter real estate taxes which will be prorated, and sold  “as is”, in gross and not by the acre, and without any warranty or representations of any kind whatsoever regarding, without limitation, restrictions, conditions, easements, liens or encumbrances, possible rights of parties in possession, encroachments, overlaps, gaps and gores, deficiency in quantity, all questions of boundaries, location and acreage which a current and accurate survey would disclose, roadways, environmental and wetland matters, unrecorded easements, matters which would be disclosed by an inspection of the premises, or any other matter of record or not of record. The sale shall be subject to confirmation by the Court.

Jason A. Dunn, Esquire, Special Commissioner                      

  (757) 937-0872