City of Virginia Beach

The City of Virginia Beach can file suit on the properties listed below after February 4, 2021

This is NOT an auction date


2401 N. Landing Rd.,     Owned by Kellam & Eaton Inc.,     GPIN: 24040127070000

Property owned by David E. Kellam Revocable Trust,     GPIN: 14949284550000

2413 N. Landing Rd.,     Owned by David E Kellam Revocable Trust,     GPIN: 14949262400000

708 16th St.,     Owned by Desiree Steverson,     GPIN: 24179630330000

Property owned by Desiree Steverson,     GPIN: 24179620750000

2128 Laskin Rd.,     Owned by Robert Wallace,     GPIN: 24072614760000

2136 Laskin Rd.,     Owned by Robert Wallace,     GPIN: 24072601480000

3717 Lynnfield Dr.,     Owned by William R. & Jane Grane RLT,     GPIN: 14884949080000

412 27th St.,     Owned by Shirley Hall,     GPIN: 24189073870000

1821 Templeton Ln.,     Owned by Laura Disney,     GPIN: 24086514180000

1076 Meadow Grove Trail,     Owned by Sinciley Hernandez,     GPIN: 1468508970000

705 26th St.,     Owned by Raymond Vittum,     GPIN: 24178939730705

1031 Owls Creek,     Owned by The Estate of John T. Gregory,     GPIN: 24176065410000

5473 Shore Dr.,     Owned by David Forrest,     GPIN: 14693765190000

3413 Sea Horse Way,     Owned by Elaine Brydon,     GPIN: 14877807670000

2222 Oak St.,     Owned by Delbert Cashman,     GPIN: 15905010550000

1786 Templeton Ln.,     Owned by Wayne Richmon,     GPIN: 24087559320000

2252 Wake Forest St.,     Owned by Frederick Stinard,     GPIN: 15905192260000

116 Ackiss Ave.,     Owned by Jimmy Bryson,     GPIN: 24175490630000

3105 Newbern Ln.,     Owned by Russel Gallup,     GPIN: 14899871580000

2681 Shorehaven Dr.,     Owned by Cynthia Thronburg,     GPIN: 149869288000

5348 Lynbrook Landing,     Owned by Donald Lee Cupit,     GPIN: 14687093930000

Property owned by James Nesbit,     GPIN: 24095098340000

508 Kirkwood Ln.,     Owned by Regina Marcotte,     GPIN: 14871723080000

1124 Crystal Lake Dr.,     Owned by Peter Freeman,     GPIN: 24186771000000

952 Wildflower Ct.,     Owned by Mark Bruder,     GPIN: 14869205520000

Property owned by LP Jacma,     GPIN: 24270680240000

709 S. Lynnhaven Rd.,     Owned by Robert Butler,     GPIN: 14962576690000

217 Doyle Way,     Owned by Sheittina Owens,     GPIN: 14973209330000

421 Hopkins Rd.,     Owned by Thomas Hager,     GPIN: 14872536400000

2220 Windward Shore Dr.,     Owned by Brenton Rodgers,     GPIN: 24091931990000

256 Realty Ln.,     Owned by Jane Wiggins,     GPIN: 24172527200000

1645 Wright Ln.,     Owned by Jacob Barbara Brammer RLT,     GPIN: 24088015820000

3921 Forest Glen Rd.,     Owned by Thomas Mervicker,     GPIN: 14862628380000

248 Greenwood Ln.,     Owned by E. Monroe,     GPIN: 14973544740000

304 Plaza Trail,     Owned by Charles Higgins,     GPIN: 14875093150000

520 Mango Dr.,     Owned by Gurney Hill,     GPIN: 14877733450000

5269 Shore Fr.,     Owned by Scott Davison,     GPIN: 14697709580000

2234 Roanoke Ave.,     Owned by Brandon Bachman,     GPIN: 14894945016760

420 Gary Ave.,     Owned by Sadie Walker,     GPIN: 24171693240000

5445 Old Providence Rd.,     Owned by Brenda Smith,     GPIN: 14662432930000

Property owned by The Estate of Mary Johnson,     GPIN: 24172509580000

449 Smiths Ln.,     Owned by Sonya Uzzle, et al.,     GPIN: 14971775460000

3634 South Plaza Trail,     Owned by Murray Spain,     GPIN: 14875067420000

Property owned by The Estate of Annie Bridgers,     GPIN: 24174394260000

Property owned by The Estate of Herbert Olds,     GPIN: 24176019820000

Property owned by Flurry Lucy & Alvord Corp,     GPIN: 24174255060000

Property owned by Eliza Shaw,     GPIN: 24174255060000

917 Charnell Dr., Unit 102,     Owned  by Fred Meyer,     GPIN: 24167490170102

512 Carnaby Ct.,     Owned by James Taylor,     GPIN: 24072875980000

1029 Owls Creek Ln.,     Owned by Roy Gregory,     GPIN: 24176067320000

1553 New York Ave.,     Owned by Gary Bull,     GPIN: 24079464690000

3825 Forrester Ln.,     Owned by Elvis Cressel,     GPIN: 14863670850000

408 Garrison Place,     Owned by Victor Via,     GPIN: 14869986260000

412 Duplin St.,     Owned by Richard Pulley,     GPIN: 14868954550000

1062 Old Damn Neck Rd.,     Owned by Wendy McGuire,     GPIN: 24155570630000

3544 Poppy Crescent,     Owned by Estelle Prince,     GPIN: 14856899210000

3415 Green Pine Ln.,     Owned by William Jordan,     GPIN: 14888374620000

1769 Prodan Ln.,     Owned by 1769 Prodan, LLC,     GPIN: 14949662880000

1657 Allman Ct.,     Owned by Walter Washington,     GPIN: 14650419320000

1028 Goldleaf Ct.,     Owned by Kim Love,     GPIN: 14663109140000

4844 Brandywine Dr.,     Owned by Alice Henley,     GPIN: 14760528860000

613 Lord Dunmore Dr.,     Owned by Vernice Griffin,     GPIN: 14666629260000



To search the Virginia Beach Assessor’s public records regarding the properties above, please visit: